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Conditions of Use

Under no circumstances shall Scrapbooks gone Digital! be responsible for any damages or loss that result from the use of, or inability to use any of the products sold or distributed by Scrapbooks gone Digital!. The information contained on this site is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

Designers Commercial and Personal Terms of Usage:

Each Designer has its own Commercial and Personal Terms of Usage. To read each designers terms of usage, please visit this link:

Terms of Use:

All of the Digital Scrapbook Elements, layouts, graphics, and templates on this product or CD are Copyright by Scrapbooks gone Digital! and its licensors. All rights reserved. Purchasing these products grants you a license to use them under the following conditions, but does not grant you copyright over the products.

Please feel free to use this set for your PERSONAL USE ONLY, and do not redistribute the digital images and files themselves either for profit or otherwise.

All products in this set were created by Scrapbooks gone Digital! and its licensors and will remain property of Scrapbooks gone Digital! and its licensors.

    * You MAY make one (1) copy of the Image(s) for backup or archival purposes.
    * You MAY use the Scrapbook elements in your designs for your personal use.
    * You MAY modify the graphics in any way you wish to use for your personal project.
    * You may NOT duplicate, copy, distribute or share the products or any individual component(s) of the products with anyone else in any form or under any circumstances.
    * You may NOT duplicate, copy, distribute or share extracted pixels from any of the Digital files or templates.
    * You may NOT make profit from selling these products, even if they have been modified.
    * You MAY NOT claim graphics or altered graphics as your own.
    * You MAY NOT make alteration to graphics in any way that will take away the artistic integrity of the original creation.
    * You MAY NOT incorporate these graphics into any commercial projects; i.e.: web design/sites, templates, or any projects, which will produce income. You ARE NOT  allowed to resell, sublicense or otherwise make available the graphic(s) for use or distribution separately or in a format designed or intended for permanent storage or re-use by others.
    * You MAY NOT use any graphic(s) from this product, CD or site to create obscene, defamatory, or immoral works. Nor is it permitted to use content (graphic(s)) from this product or CD for any other purpose, which is prohibited by law.

Downloable Products:

Due the nature of our products (download-able files) and because the products cannot be returned, SgD cannot issue refunds on our SgD Products. Nevertheless, we will do everything possible to guarantee your satisfaction and help you with any problems you might have downloading or obtaining our SgD Products. If you wish to receive your downloadable product through different means, you understand that the CD burning service option is available to you at an additional fee + shipping costs.

Please do not ask for a refund simply because you ignore to read our terms and conditions or because you need assistance downloading the products. If you have problems downloading any of our products, please email us and we will happy to walk you thru the process.

E-mail questions and comments to
Copyright 2006 Scrapbooks gone Digital! and its licensors. All Rights reserved.


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