SgD DESIGNS - Personal and Commercial Terms of Usage Description

SGD DESIGNS - Personal Terms of Usage
LICENSE NUMBER: SGD-2346-10132007-3

Copyright 2006-2009 SgD DESINGS and its licensors. All Rights reserved.

Terms and Conditions for usage:

All of the Digital Scrapbook Elements, layouts, graphics, and templates on this product or CD are Copyright by SgD DESINGS and distributed by Scrapbooks gone Digital! and its licensors. All rights reserved.

Purchasing these products grants you a license to use them under the following conditions, but does not grant you copyright over the products.

Please feel free to use this set for your PERSONAL USE ONLY, and do not redistribute the digital images and files themselves either for profit or otherwise.

You MAY make one (1) copy of the Image(s) for backup or archival purposes.

All products in this set were created by SgD DESIGNS and its licensors and will remain property of SgD DESIGNS and its licensors.

You MAY use the graphics in your designs for your personal use.

You MAY modify the graphics in any way you wish to use for your personal project.
You MAY NOT use my products for "Scrap-for-Hire" projects.

You MAY NOT duplicate, copy, distribute or share the products or any individual component(s) of the products with anyone else in any form or under any circumstances.

You MAY NOT duplicate, copy, distribute or share extracted pixels from any of the Digital files or templates.
You MAY NOT make profit from selling these products, even if they have been modified.

You MAY NOT claim graphics or altered graphics as your own.

You MAY NOT make alteration to graphics in any way that will take away the artistic integrity of the original creation.

You MAY NOT incorporate these graphics into any commercial projects; i.e.: web design/sites, templates, or any projects, which will produce income. You are not allowed to resell, sublicense or otherwise make available the graphic(s) for use or distribution separately or in a format designed or intended for permanent storage or re-use by others.

You MAY NOT  use any graphic(s) from this product, CD or site to create obscene, defamatory, or immoral works. Nor is it permitted to use content (graphic(s)) from this product or CD for any other purpose, which is prohibited by law.

E-mail questions and comments to

Copyright 2006-2009 SgD DESINGS and its licensors. All Rights reserved.

Scrapbooks gone Digital!, SgD DESINGs or Norma Aguilera shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damages resulting from the use or inability to use products provided.

CREDITS for Personal Use Products. The following people/companies may have been used as a resource in making SgD Designs Products

Cheryl Barber
Paper overlay/templates:
Doris CAstle
Diane Miller
Erica Hite
Kim Broedelet
Mandy Steward
BAnner Women
Graziela Mendes
*Monica Larsen
Brandy Murry
Keri Schueller
Thao Cosgrove
Ursula Schneider
Digital Couture
Laura Burger
Terrell Sanzone
Carrie Stephens
Veronica Spriggs
Erica Mathia
Tamara Karc Designs
Royanna Dritschmann
Faith True
A Rockwell
Atomic Cupcake
Lynne Simmons
Kimb's designs
Donna Phillips

SGD DESIGNS - Commercial Terms of Usage

LICENSE NUMBER: SGD-2346-10132007-2

This commercial license is void if the product was purchase as part of the SgD Club Membership. The SgD Club Membership is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
If you would like to use this product for Commerical Usage, please purchase the commerical version of this product.

This printable(s) or digital file(s) you have received were created by SgD DESINGS.

Copyright 2007
The graphic files contained in this e-file are the product of SgD DESINGS and are being distributed by Scrapbooks gone Digital!

Please give credit in TOU as:
This product was created using digital graphics from SgD DESINGS available at

The single individual Purchaser (meaning, the individual who actually bought the product)  may use, copy and modify these files for their own small business use. They may design derivative work that they will personally sell or  profit from as a result of their design work using the licensed  materials.

You MAY:

* YOU MAY use the graphics/content to scrap pages/projects you are selling, as long as you in no way include the individual original files. (You may not disperse the files contained in this product as individual pieces for your customers to use.)

* YOU MAY use this set for your personal design projects such as kits for resale, and print a hardcopy for personal scrapbooking and craft projects.

* YOU MAY alter size, color, etc. to suit your design projects.

* YOU MAY submit projects for publication using these graphics. Please give credit to SgD DESIGNS designs.

* YOU MAY make one copy of this set for backup purposes only, but not with intent to redistribute.

* You MAY use graphics (SgD DESIGNS items) for limited commercial use as follows: Graphics may be used for printed projects for sale as long as 200 or fewer copies are made per project, and the project is intended for sale to a single customer. (For example, you may make a scrapbook for a customer, a set of invitations for a customer, a set of birth announcements for a customer, etc.)


*YOU MAY NOT use ANY of the graphics to design templates for resale.

*YOU MAY NOT share this set/kit/product (either in it's original format, or any individual elements of it).

*YOU MAY NOT sell the file(s) as I have sold them to you.

*YOU MAY NOT resell any of these products without modification.  

*YOU MAY NOT remove any notice of copyright included in the graphics/content.

*YOU MAY NOT make any of the graphics into "tubes" or "brushes" and redistribute them.

*YOU MAY NOT offer these graphics on any web site as downloads or send them through a news list or Yahoo Groups. They are not for your free distribution. This is considered pirating, and is ILLEGAL!

This commercial license is not extended to companies, partnerships, LLC’s or corporations.

If a company, partnership, LLC, or corporation is interested in obtaining commercial licensing for this product, please contact  SgD DESIGNS and appropriate terms will be negotiated.

If you use this product in an unauthorized commercial manner you will be liable for liquidated damages of $5,000 and  all attorney's costs and fees.

If you have any questions about this copyright statement or wish to personally contact the copyright holder, you may contact:

2579 View Trail Ct    
Chula Vista CA 91914

Scrapbooks gone Digital!, SgD DESINGs or Norma Aguilera shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damages resulting from the use or inability to use products provided.

Copyright 2006-2009 SgD DESINGS and its licensors. All Rights reserved.