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Default Improving Performance on The GIMP


Since I am suggesting to use The GIMP for your digital scrapbooking for those of you that want to try Digital Scrapbooking but currently do not use any other software, I have been using it myself to create tutorials and to get a feel of the software.

In the past I have been using PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro to create my elements and my digital scrapbook layouts.

I have to say that I really really like The GIMP. It is really easy to use and it has many functionalities found on Photoshop.

The only thing that I was concern about was the performance, so I did some research on the internet and found the solution !

To improve The GIMP Performance, Start The GIMP Program, Go to:
Change Tile cache size to 256 Megabytes

I originally notice the performance issues when using my full blown 12x12 @300 dpi Photoshop Templates on The GIMP, but after making those changes, I can easily work on those big templates without noticing low performance.

I do think is worth mentioning that even in Photoshop I see performance issues when I work with my full blown 12x12 @ 300dpi Photoshop Templates. [Maybe I need to change Photoshop's Tile cache size as well]

The change above was ALL I needed to do to improve the performance on my computer, but if after making that change, you are still having problems, then try the following:

Another thing to can also affect The GIMP Performance is your computer's own resources and since Digital Scrapbooking is all about image manipulation, the more the better. :-)

If you have a slow or old computer or if your computer continues having performance problems, try to close all other program while creating your layout using The GIMP. Image manipulation takes a lot of your computer resources and if you are doing other tasks at the same time, the computer will have a lot more to do and it will look like if it is doing nothing, while trying to process all of the requested tasks.

You could also try working on a smaller resolution layouts and then resize them once the layouts are finalized. I will submit a tutorial on how to do this later.

To see the full and official GIMP documentation on this topic visit the link below:

Let me know if this helped.


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