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Exclamation Preventing SPAM at Scrapbooks gone Digital!

Hello SgD Scrappers,

You had probably noticed that lately there has been an increase in SPAM posts at SgD. These SPAM posts are both irrelevant and very offensive to digital Scrapbooking.

SgD does not tolerate SPAM and to prevent future Spam, SgD is taking the following actions:

We moved all register users that had zero posts to our "banned" group. Users in the "banned" group are allow to view the forum and gallery, but are not allowed to post threads to our forum.

If you feel that you should not have been move to our "banned" user group, please me email at: and I will remove you from the "banned" group.

SgD will start moderating new users. Users will no longer be automatically register and will need to wait until their registration is "approved" before they are allow to post to SgD.

We asked you to be patience in this process. Registration will be approved within 48 hours. Registration will be approved based on the information you enter in our registration questionnaire. Specifically, we will be looking at how you answer the "Why would you like to join SgD?" question.

New Register users will be require to answer one additional question during their registration process: "Why would you like to Join SgD?". The primary purpose of this question is to prevent software to automatically generate new users that later are used to create SPAM threads.

We asked that you answer this question, otherwise, your registration will be denied. You answer can be brief, but it needs to make sense. Computer generated users, will most likely put non-sense words and this is how we will differentiate between good users and computer generated/SPAM users.

We appreciate your patience in this manner and we thank you for supporting a SPAM Free site.

Scrapbooks gone Digital !
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