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Default Re: How to create your FIRST Digital Scrapbook Layout

Originally Posted by jeninoregon

Instead of opening each element and then copy/past-ing them into your LO, you can go to File-->Open as Layers. Then, when you select the file you want to open, it will open directly into your LO. You will not lose the original file either since you opened it as a layer of your LO.

When I'm working with a template, I actually open a new separate file and add the papers and elements as layers as described above. Then I'll drag the layers I want onto my template. The templates usually have enough layers to begin with, so I find it easier to select the papers and elements I want to use without cluttering my layers dialog.

I've had the Gimp and several digi scrapbooking collections on my computer for years. I am just now getting started. I'm glad to have found this forum.
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