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Default Quick Pages or Photoshop Templates?

I am planning to give away FREE Templates OR FREE Quick Pages with purchases from our SgD Store....

but I am wondering if you prefer Quick Pages or Templates?

Both Quick Pages & Photoshop Templates:
  • can be use to create layouts with The GIMP.
  • are pre-made layouts with all of the necessary elements to complete a layout. All you need to do is add your photos and optionally some personal journaling.
  • Both can be any size: 12x12, 4x4, etc.
Their differences:

Quick Pages: Is a JPEG file that you can open an use to create your layout. All of the elements in the Quick Page are "merge" together in a single layer and cannot be modify, move or remove. One of the benefits is that Quick Pages are much smaller in size.

Photoshop Templates: Is a Photoshop File (PSD) that you can use to create your layout. Each of the elements in the Photoshop template is store on its own layer, and therefore, they can be move, modify or remove. One of the benefits is that Photoshop Templates are much more flexible and can customized entirely. They are also much bigger in size.
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