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Cool Re: Quick Pages or Photoshop Templates?

Ahhhhh how very nice you are........
I am attempting to do the color challenge this month-- using the KrazyMary Color Splash.... I had my first attempt with Gimp almost finished-- until I got to the point of adding text... I didn't understand the tut about the arrows I guess-- and my program froze completely up-- and I lost everything.....
I'm not sure the text feature on my program is right-- I had it on 18 and all I saw were outlines where the text should have been..... And the tut said to use the arrow keys-- ummm ok --- this is where my program died---
what did I do wrong???
and since I'm asking questions for future references-- how do I resize my embellishments?Ie: longer and skinner, or shorter and wider?
I was able to move my objects around-- but resizing them is a different story.
I hope this is the right place for the questions-- and if they have been asked somewhere else I apologize.
And yes I'm going to try this challenge again!!! maybe this time without the text..LOL
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