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Default Re: Watch the Video !

Originally Posted by nifty
Thanks, mine crashes occasionally. I upgraded to a pc with more RAM this spring and performance was WAY up. I wish they would add a back-up feature cause it sucks when you loose your work lol

Maybe I'll have to move it down a bit, and see if it crashes less that way.

Well, this is what I can tell about the crashing specifically...

I'm not sure whether The GIMP auto detects how much RAM you have or just has it set automatically to 1024MB (1GB) by default because that's how much most average users have.

The problem is because it's set to the exact amount of RAM a computer probably has, it ends up running out of RAM before it ever gets to the point where the title is big enough to move to the swap partition. RAM is also being used by the operating system, any other programs running, etc so The GIMP can never use 100% of the RAM your computer has. Theoretically, what should happen is an error message saying that you're running out of RAM, please save and shut down the program would appear.... However, after playing with The GIMP for quite a bit recently, I'm convinced that there's a bug with the way they're doing error detection when it comes to memory.
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