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SgD DESIGNS 11-05-2006 09:23 PM

Journaling Strategies: How to Use this Forum
To get the most of this journaling forum, how about a few rules?
Whenever you post a *NEW Journaling Strategy, can you fill out these questions? This help us get a better understanding of how and why you were inspired, knowing this information will make it easier for the rest of us to do the same.

What is the Journaling Strategy or Theme?
Describe in a few words or one sentence the plan, method or theme that was used.

What do I mean?
Describe in more detail how the journaling strategy above can be used.

For example?
Use as many sentences as you need to describe the actual journaling and how, when and/or why were you inspired.

Link to the layout:
If you have a layout posted in our Gallery, we would love to see it.

Now, is your turn!
Ask someone the same questions that inspired you.

To see an example click here:

*You do not need to answer these questions if you are just replaying to an existing journaling strategy.

Great !!

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