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admin 11-04-2006 08:04 PM

Understanding our Registration Process
Our registration process is a little confusion for some people, and hopefully this thread will help you clear some of that confusion.

Our Website has three different databases or registrations:
  1. One for our store
  2. One for our Forum and Gallery and another for
  3. Our newsletter.
You need to register to each database in order to access each page. You can use the same information, email address and password in all of these and are encourage to do so.

When you register to our newsletter, you are ONLY register to our newsletter and not to our Forum/Gallery or our on line store. To register to our newsletter click on the link below:

To download any items from our store (FREE or Not FREE), you need to register to our store database. To register to our on-line store, click on the link below:

To post any threads to our Forum or to upload any layouts to our Gallery, you need to register to our Forum/Gallery database. Registration to our Forum automatically registers you to our Gallery and vise-versa. The Gallery and the Forum share the same database. To register to our Forum/Galley, click on the link below:

And of course, you can always send me an email when you need additional assistance.


Norma A.

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