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  • Sgd club faq

    How about the SGD Club Membership:

    What are the benefits of joining the SGD Club?

    You will be able to download more than 300+ SGD Club products. All SGD Club Products are listed under out SGD Club Category here:
    SGD Club Products Category

    Is the SGD Club Membership automatically renewal?

    No. You paid it once and you are a member for the period that you selected. You are never automatically renew. If you would like to become a member for additional time, you will need to purchase the membership again

    How do I get notify of new products?

    You have several options:
    - Visit our site and see if you products are available under our SGD Club Category
    - Visit our SGD Club New Product Forum
    - See the new products added on our newsletters

    How long do I need to wait to start downloading the SGD Club Products?

    There is no wait. Immediately upon your payment your account is automatically updated to SGD Club Member status and you can start download all products.

    Are there any restrictions on the amount of products that I can download daily?

    No. There is no daily, weekly or monthly restrictions. Download the SGD Club Products at your convenient.