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FAQ Related loggin to the SgD Store:

I forgot my password
I can't loggin to the Store
I can't loggin to the Store, even though I am receiving the newsletter
I can't loggin to the Store, because it does not recognize my email address
I registered to the SgD Store, Forum and/or Gallery and did not received an email confirmation

FAQ About Your Order:

I made a purchase and I don't know how to download my products
I am having problem downloading the zip files
How do I extract the Digital Scrapbook Elements from the ZIP file on my PC?
Do you accept any other types of payments other than pay pal?

FAQ About Our Daily Downloads (when applicable) :

Can I buy the entire kit instead of downloading each file one day at a time?
Are the daily download hosted every month of the year?
Where can I get notification of the upcoming daily downloads?
I missed some daily downloads. How can I earn some of the zip files?

FAQ About Our Newsletter:

I want to unsubscribe
I want to subscribe
I subscribe to the newsletter, but did not get my Free Newsletter Gift

FAQ About Digital Scrapbooking:

Where do I start?
I am looking for a digital scrapbooking with a particular theme/color/etc

FAQ About The GIMP:

How do I... ?
I have a GIMP Question, on which form can I post it?
Where can I find the GIMP Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials?

FAQ About the Gallery:

How can I resize my layout to upload it the gallery? (Video Tutorial) 

FAQ About General Things:

I would like to make a suggestion for your site

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